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Guild Wars 2: Is This the New WoW Killer?

Guild Wars 2: Is This the New WoW Killer?

With the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2, online games popularity has increased tremendously amongst youngsters.

It can also be interpreted as a new beginning for Guild Wars! This MMORPG game whose life actually spanned from 2005 to 2007 has finally reborn in Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars originally introduced by Arena Net is the rival to World of Warcraft created by Blizzard. The amalgamation of an alluring music score and the advantage of a free subscription put Guild Wars boldly on the map.

Arena has upgraded the graphics in guild wars 2 and redone the controls. Not only this, but the list of professions, character segregations and other diverse aspects of the game play. So with so much promised by Arena, game will surely be enticing for game players.

Guild Wars 2 is a standalone game that does not really need the other guild wars 2 gameplay games for expansions. This is a great game for online gaming players who have never played guild wars ever before.

The Races - Originally there was only a human race but in guild wars 2 it has been extended to offer 4 other new races: The Asura, The Charr, The Norn and The Sylvari.

The Professions – Also, along with original 6 professions, in guild wars 2 there will be two more. They will all be classified depending on the type of armour that they wear. Furthermore, a huge change that has evolved in guild wars 2 gameplay is that a character can no longer have a chance to choose a second profession added to their category. This change has been made due to player feedbacks that were having difficulties in balancing two professions together.

Skill Bar-Another great feature that has been introduced is the skill bar slot. The skill slot bar has been expanded to actually create a customizable 10 slot bar. The first bar is basically based upon the avatars profession while the last five relate to the selected race.

Racial Skills - Since the secondary professions have been eliminated from the guild war gamely, racial skills that are specific to each race that is selected by roleplayers.

Traits- These are obviously particular to each character's profession and impart spell power or strength. Traits can be learned by searching old tomes scattered across the new maps.

Combat - A combo system of attacks will be implemented if all team players utilize their skills together in order to defeat enemies. In fact, the way a character dies will also be changed and improved.

So on the whole; there are loads of things that guild wars 2 gameplay would offer. If you are looking for thriller, fun and adventure then buy guild wars 2 and enter into the fantasy world!