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5 Best Features of Diablo III

5 Best Features of Diablo III

Diablo III, the popular online game has evolved tremendously in the market and has left its impression on the minds of people. Yes it has received mixed reviews, some love it and some are little confused.

But, despite of how people feel about the game, below are the five exclusive features of Diablo III which can not be denied.

The Loot System – The loot system in Diablo III is undoubtedly exciting and adventurous since every player in the game sees their personal loot drops. It’s not like rushing into loot and the first player gets it. There are mobs that drop separate loot for each player in Diablo III. This makes Diablo III more desirable to play and it is great to play in a group rather than alone.

Achievement Points – This thing makes Diablo III even more entertaining because it feels like there are more goals instead of just beating the game on Inferno and replaying to farm. With achievements, players get motivated to complete them because they progress through the various different acts of the game. In addition to the achievement points, some also have other rewards like sigils and banner patterns.

Account Wide Functionality –In Diablo III, gold, and artisans are shared amongst all characters of the same account. Even the items can be shared between characters by putting them in the (bank). For instance, the gold you take up with one character will also be available for another character on the same account. The artisans will also retain their recipes when you switch characters.

Skill Runes –In Diablo III, these are real items that have to be found from mobs. It is great fun finding rune stones and clubbing them to create different amazing effects.

Auction House – Last but not the least, auction house is the greatest feature amongst other features of Diablo 3. It basically creates an in-game economy and allows players to buy and sell any kind of stuff conveniently. Playing the auction house in itself is an unending fun activity. It is like buying of undervalued items at a lower price and then reselling for higher. In addition to the ordinary gold auction house in Diablo III, there is a real-money making auction house (RMAH). The RMAH auction house adds a punch to the play as once you find good items; you can some real money out off them.

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