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    As part of an ongoing efforts to offer the best in services and support to our valued customers, our live help service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our customer representative teams are experienced MMO players which can provide tailor made solutions for our customers' questions.

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  • Financial Support in NewZealand

    VBarrack™ Limited is a registered business with financial assistance from New Zealand team-members selling MMO Characters and Accounts that are exclusively purchased from the original players.

  • Founded in Canada

    VBarrack™ was founded in Canada, to help provide services to gamers of every level and ability to help them reach their potential.

  • 100% Security Guaranteed


    When you purchase anything from VBarrack™ , you can be assured that we have taken every precaution possible to ensure your personal data and payment details remain safe and secure.


Frequently Asked Question

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Please logon to our livechat if you still have problem.

1. General Questions

Q 1.1: What are your office hours?

  • Our Office Hours are 24/7, 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week. If our lines are busy, please email us at: Reply will be made asap.
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Q 1.2: I have bought an account from before. Is the account protection guarantee still valid?

  • Yes, all guarantees are still in affect. Appropriate solution will be given after our review of the account issue if there is any.
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Q 1.3: Is Vbarrack's PowerLeveling Safe?

  • Vbarrack's Leveling Service is 100% safe and secured with no botting, no multi-boxing, no hacking. If the leveling tasks cannot be finished on time somehow, we will offer compensation for the unfinished part. Contact us thru our LiveChat for any inquiries.
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Q 1.4: Is it safe to buy Virtual Currency from Vbarrack?

  • We get the in-game currency only through those proper in-game activities with no botting, no multi-boxing, no hacking.
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2. Buying From Us

Q 2.1: What payment method does accept?

  • We currently accept Paypal, Visa or Master Card as our online payment methods. If you wish to pay by Western Union or Bank Transfer, please contact our customer service team before placing an order.
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Q 2.2: Are my payment details secure?

  • Being personal privacy and payment security as our primary concern, all online payments are processed directly with Paypal, the leading providers of online credit and debit card transaction processing solutions, employing only the highest standards of information encryption to ensure your details cannot be misused. is also SSL Verified by VeriSign and secured by McAfee, which are pioneers in websites security.
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Q 2.3: Is it possible to transfer the character I bought to my existing account?

  • I am afraid it is not possible. The registered name between two World of Warcraft accounts must be the same.

    For example:

    Battle.Net Account X - John Smith

    Battle.Net Account Y - Tom Young

    As the characters of both accounts are having different registered names, character transfer between Account X and Y is not possible. In other words, normally our accounts in hands are not under the same name as yours, thus none of our characters can be moved to your own existing account. For more information, you can visit Blizzard's website.

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Q 2.4: If I buy an account, how long does it take until I can play?

  • We aim to deliver each order within 30 minutes. However, the character transfer speed is determined by Blizzard's server. Please expect a delay of delivery on their maintenance day.
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Q 2.5: Why does my order require verification?

  • Knowing our customers is one of the key steps in avoiding online fraud and potential money laundering. We fully understand your concern and your cooperation is sincerely appreciated. In some circumstances, some of the account info may be held by us for weeks for better account security after the confirmation call.
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Q 2.6: How can I complete my order?

  • 1. Please get on our livechat service once the payment has been cleared.

    2. Once the order & payment have been confirmed by our security team, our customer representative will provide you with a new set of Battle Chest Key and Mist of Pandaria upgrades along with the original owner's name for you to create a brand new account.

    3. You are free to customize your account name, password, secret question answer and the registered email address! Please kindly note that the new account registered name must match the original owner's full name as it is the minimum requirement for an account-to-account transfer.

    4. When the account has been successfully upgraded, our customer representative will give you instructions for the paid character transfer.

    5. After the transfer is approved by Blizzard, you will have the full access to that character immediately with Account Name and Password. Secret Answer, Email may be held by us up to 16 weeks for additional account security.

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Q 2.7: How safe is it to buy from

  • With our unique character transfer process, we can assure you that all of our accounts are as safe as they can be. We have sold over Ten Thousand accounts with zero ban rates recorded. Should you ever encounter a problem with an account bought from, please get on live help and contact us as soon as you possible.

    Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your login information confidential and you are also responsible for every use of your login information. Our protection guarantee does not cover any account issue caused by the negligence of the buyers.

    We encourage you to keep the following security tips in mind when accessing your account after the purchase:

    - Keep your login information confidential.

    - Do not share access to the account with anyone.

    - Behave yourselves in game. No improper in-game activities.

    - Change your passwords regularly and keep your account information updated.

    - Use up-to-date firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware software to scan your system regularly for viruses, Trojans, and key-loggers.

    - Keep your operating system and other software up-to-date and be careful when downloading new software.

    - Be wary of "spoof" and scam websites and e-mails that request account or personal information.

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Q 2.8: What happens if the original owner decides to reclaim his/her account?

  • We have taken all the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. All of our sellers have their own verified paypal account and the funds are traceable. The account details are verified by our account experts before we buy the account. We are proud to have one of the lowest reclaim rates in the industry. However, if this ever happens, we are happy to replace your character with another character/ account.
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Q 2.9: What is included when I purchase a character and what is not included?

  • Our exclusive package includes a playable account, free name change, the character you purchase and step by step online assistance until you can play on your selected server. However, the paid character transfer is not included in our package. The paid character transfer fee is currently $25.
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Q 2.10: What is a pre-made account?

  • At, we monitor the market trends and stock level daily to ensure any class/race are always available. Those pre-made accounts are 100% safe! You can save MORE on the Cd-keys and such. All pre-made accounts will be delivered within 15-40 minutes. Hassle free! Please contact our Live Help once you have made a purchase.
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Q 2.11: My order has been rejected by the Security Team, why?

  • We reserve the right not to accept your purchase if:

    1. You are not the Credit / Debit Card Holder or Paypal Account Holder.

    2. Our Security Team does not feel comfortable in overall security of the transaction.

    3. You are abusive to any of our staff during the transaction period.

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Q 2.12: Does use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ for buying and selling?

  • We never use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ to perform any transactions. All our buying and selling is processed only via our Live Help ( Live Chat Window ).
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Q 2.13: Does it make a difference if the character is on a PVP or PVE server?

  • All PVP or PVE Characters are able to transfer to ANY realm you wish.
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3. Selling To Us

Q 3.1: How can I get a valuation for my wow account?

  • Once the sell form is submitted, please keep the reference number and visit our live chat service for an instant quote of your account.
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Q 3.2: What is the process of selling an account?

  • After you accept our quote, we will login to your account and verify all the information you provided. Further Phone Confirmation and Identification Scans may be required. Then we will change the account email address & password. When the ownership has been successfully transferred, we will send you the payment via paypal.
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Q 3.3: What type of payment method do I need to use in order to recieve payment from

  • In order to receive payment from us, you will need to have a verified paypal account.
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Q 3.4: Do you need to login my WoW account before I can get a quote?

  • Our account valuation system will evaluate every aspect of your character from the armory link. No account information is needed during this phase of selling.
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Q 3.5: I believe my wow account is worth far more than is offering.

  • Due to the overhead expenses and marketing cost, the quotation we are offering may be different from what you are expecting.

    The value of each account is determined by several factors including the level, class, equipment and skills, and an overall expression of our supply and demand at any given time for the account based off of its characteristics, thus the quote may vary strongly from day to day.

    It is clear that if you are looking for the best possible price for your character you should try to "ebay" it yourself via those auction sites. In this way, you can get the most from your account if you have enough time to do so and if you take all the necessary security measures in for a smooth transaction.

    On the other hand, we are offering 100% safe transaction and instant payment which is exclusive at only.

    - The Reasonable Offer, we are the MMORPG Players too. We are not only paying for your accounts, but also for your time and efforts on the characters. That's why you can always get as much as we can pay for.

    - Accuracy, each single character from the potential sellers are checked manually by our Account Specialists. Those auto quotes from other websites are scarcely comparable to ours.

    - Efficiency, we are proud of our own Payment Team for the quickest money transfer to our account sellers among our major competitors. According to our record, none of the payment delay was more than 10 minutes. Moreover, One-Time Full Payment is made to all of our sellers each time for each single transaction.

    - Privacy, we understand the importance of your privacy, no remote client needs to be downloaded during our accounts buying & selling. Please note that any information we gather from you is solely for our internal use only.

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Q 3.6: What information is required if I decide to sell?

  • 1. A World of Warcraft account which is registered under your name.

    2. A Paypal account, which is registered under your name.

    3. Identification Scans to verify the above details. Your identification must match the name registered to the Paypal account and your WoW account.

    4. World of Warcraft account details. Please make sure you have: the account name, the password, the SQA, the access to your WoW account email... during the transaction.

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Q 3.7: How long does it take to receive payment from

  • Once your account information is confirmed, we will send you the payment right away. The whole verification process can be completed within 30 mins usually.
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Q 3.8: My account has been rejected for purchase, why?

  • We reserve the right not to purchase your account if:

    1. You are not the original owner of the account.

    2. You are not able to provide us with those required identification scans.

    3. Our Security Team does not feel comfortable in overall security of the account.

    4. You are abusive to any of our staff during the transaction period.

    5. You are not able to give us valid account information including password, SQA...

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Q 3.9: What should I do if I do not know or I have lost the secret question answer of my account?

  • For the security reason, we can only purchase those accounts with valid SQAs. The secret question can be found when you try to change your email address of the account. The question is the hint of your secret answer. If you are still not sure the secret answer after the answer reminder there, you can call Blizzard for the correct secret question answer.
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