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  • Financial Support in NewZealand

    VBarrack™ Limited is a registered business with financial assistance from New Zealand team-members selling MMO Characters and Accounts that are exclusively purchased from the original players.

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    VBarrack™ was founded in Canada, to help provide services to gamers of every level and ability to help them reach their potential.

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    When you purchase anything from VBarrack™ , you can be assured that we have taken every precaution possible to ensure your personal data and payment details remain safe and secure.

All Non-Defective Products  ( Account Purchase )

Within 7 Days

You can request for a Character Swap for one time within the first 7 days after your purchase. 70% of the amount paid will be returned to you in Store-Credit for your Character Swap purpose. Each customer can only use this service once for each transaction.

Over 7 days

We will buy back your account based on our quotation.

If you merge your new account to your own account and then that account is banned we are not able to help you recover it nor can we be held responsible for the banning.

If you use your own set of keys for account creation, no protection guarantee will be given by us.

All orders from are non-refundable since they are virtual online game items. However, you are most welcome to sell it back to us. We do our best to provide all information on the character when we list each one so that you will know all the details on the character purchased.

Please remember that it is your responsibility to keep your login information confidential and you are also responsible for every use of your login information. Any account issue which is due to one's own fault, for example, harassment in game, security failure with your computer....we are not able to guarantee to help you recover it nor can we be held responsible for the account issue.

After order verification and delivery of any product there will be absolutely no refunds, no returns or trade-ins at a later date. Our inventory of gaming accounts is highly secured, we cannot exchange an account or other product and re-list it for sale as it affects the integrity of our inventory.

Account Information (Secret Question Answer, Email)  may be held up to 12 weeks for any accounts.

A Defective Product ( Account Purchase )

Will be accepted for exchange, at our discretion, within 365 days from receipt. No refunds or credit will be provided. Replacement or repair will be applicable only if an item is found to be defective. If an item is returned as "defective" and no defect is found, the terms of the restocking fees detailed below will be applied.


If the PowerLeveling Job cannot be completed on time somehow, compensation will be given for the unfinished part.

Paypal Installment Plan

Any character bought through the PayPal installment plan will not be eligible for the 7 days 70% character swap plan. Please note any character bought through the PayPal installment plan will be recovered if you have failed to pay the agreed amount on time and there will be no refund for any payment already made.